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Variable speed drive (VSD), ac drive, adjustable frequency drive (AFD), Variable frequency drive (VFD), we can install maintain or repair any make or model. From your first contact with our sales or service team we offer a 24/7 rapid response, whether it is an on-site break down or an in house repair. We assign experienced engineers and provide technical advice suitable to the application, providing a fast and efficient solution to your problem.


Variable Speed Drives are vitally important to all areas of manufacturing and process industry, HVAC to control our working environment and major water utilities to supply our clean water. Predominantly these drives are inverter drives working with standard ac motors, controlling the speed to meet the application. Over 30% of the world’s energy is used in driving motors, so by controlling the speed of these motors using an ac inverter drive, MWatts of energy can be saved especially in large pumping and fan applications.

With ever-increasing costs of electricity, running motors at their optimum speed is vital to ensure the efficiency and energy saving potential for millions of applications for variable speed drives. Varicon can offer low harmonic, AFE, or drives with active filter to meet G5/4 Harmonic compliance. Varicon are ideally situated to provide the necessary skills and expertise to support the demand for energy saving and optimum performance by repairing, supporting and supply of the widest range of ac inverter drives from major manufacturers such as Vacon, Danfoss, Control Technique and ABB.


Varicon have developed expertise in repairing and maintaining a wide range of inverters with skilled and experienced engineers providing a 24/7 breakdown and repair support to major organisations and utilities. We maintain and repair inverter drives from > 1kW to 500kW.

Maintenance of these drives is often overlooked, as they are predominantly electronic systems with few moving parts. However, all drives produce heat, which has to be removed with cooling fans, which have a finite life, and filters, which require replacing. Where high currents are involved, any potential loose connection can result in heating of terminals resulting in failure. Furthermore, the drives have sophisticated operating parameters and control systems, which should be regularly checked for optimum performance. Routine servicing and preventive maintenance will address these issues to ensure drives remain in operation and prevent expensive repairs and costly breakdown situations.

Supply and Install

Varicon can provide technical assistance with the selection of a suitable inverter drive, from > 1kW to 500kW for any variable speed application, with special expertise in retro fitting drives within an existing MCC to reduce overall costs. Varicon work closely with customers to determine the ‘best’ drive arrangement to provide a cost effective total solution.

Varicon can provide energy surveys to determine potential cost saving by the introduction of a variable speed drive into the pump or fan application and harmonic surveys to determine the effect of drive installations on the HV supply.

Recent Testimonial

Hi Keith

I write to inform and thank you for the extremely high level of service I received yesterday from some members of your staff, in particular Chris Guest. I had not dealt with your company before but required your assistance with a damaged inverter. Your Sales person Rob Griffiths very swiftly organised an engineer and despite not having the parts I required on site, managed to organise a collection by your engineer on the way to me. Once on site your engineer Chris Guest demonstrated a high level of professionalism in dealing with our problem. He was both polite and helpful and had a wealth of knowledge for the job in hand. He repaired the inverter and fully informed me of the causes of the problem. These staff should be congratulated on their performance and going forward I will use your company for my electronic requirements.

Thanks and Regards

Tom Burke

Manufacturing Manager Aspar Pharmaceuticals Ltd

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